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Dienstag, 5. November 2013

Showcase: Night Lords Commander

Heyhey, I'm finally back with some 40k commission work and what's better to get back on track than with a HUGE Chaos Space Marines character?

This big guy is by HiTech Miniatures. I will post an in-depth review of their stuff in a few days. For now it's just pictures of the finished model. Hope that you like him. :)

The reason for my rather long absence is two-fold: First, there was this historical wargames show named VIVAT that took place near Vienna and at which I had the honour to run a painting workshop. Great day out, many amazing tables for which i had way too little time to take a look at, very good chats with several people, very positive feedback on the minis I displayed, lots of business cards were gotten rid of, all around fun times. I also painted the promo copy of the event figure if you care to have a look.

The second reason is that I was very busy with something I'm not allowed to talk about at this point but if it works out as planned I'll be proud as punch.

Overall though, I'm fully back to get some commission stuff done which piled up as always so expect more frequent posts by myself again! Next up will be a review of HiTech Miniatures' kits!

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