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Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2014

Review: Zandris IV Pendeka Battle Suit

In today's quick review I want to have a look at Zandris IV's Pendekar Battlesuit. I got this miniature recently and thought you may be interested in getting to know this alternative mech for your sci-fi tabletop games.

As always, let's have a look at the parts you get:

As you can see you get eight parts plus four hand options. For each arm you get either a bare fist or one with a gun. The shoulders are ball joints which allow for a large variety of arm poses. Apart from that you get the torso, the legs part (one part, single-pose), two shoulder armour parts and two shoulder-mounted boxes which look to be small missile launchers, sensors, electronic counter-measures, lunch boxes, etc. Along with these white metal parts you also get a round 40mm base.

The casting quality is really nice and crisp. No mold lines in sight really.

Building the model is as straightforward as can be. Due to the size and weight of the parts I suggest pinning (as I always do with metal models).

Here's another picture for size comparison, next to an Infinity miniature and a GW Space Marine:

As you can see it scales really well with your regular 28mm "heroic" scale miniatures.

Here is a shot with the model along with a bunch of Infinity remote drones:

For this one I aimed to use it along with my Infinity models because I think that it fits very well with the Nomads robot aesthetics.

Here we got the fellow painted up for use in my Infinity Nomads army:

Final thoughts: The sculpt itself may be a little bland to some (the people who equal bolted on details with quality) but I like it quite a lot. It's bulky, practical and unglamorous. It lends itself perfectly for adding camouflage too. I would say that due to its design it works with most sci-fi settings, probably Weird War 2 as well. In Warhammer 40,000 specifically I could see it used as maybe a non-imperial robot. There is plenty of space to add ornaments and such so it would work as a Squats robot, something a Genestealer cult built or hijacked, you could turn it into a Chaos robot with some work or something built by human allies to Tau. Of course you can also use it as a mecha for smaller scale games like 20mm, 15mm or 10mm scales. With 6mm it might be a little large.

I hope that you enjoyed this quick review and keep an eye on Zandris IV's future releases. So far they did mostly space ships and 6mm tanks but especially recently they added some really cool looking stuff to their 28mm battlesuit ranges.

 Here it is again, next to lovely Hayden by Hasslefree minis:

I hope that you enjoyed this review, found it interesting, entertaining and so on. If you have any questions, comments or indeed commission enquiries, feel free to let me know via the comments section, the Battle Brush Studios Facebook page or via e-mail.

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