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Sonntag, 13. Juli 2014

Showcase: Western Desert Force Reinforcements

Yesterday I sat down to paint a few reinforcements for my own little early desert British, just so they get some more support options.

From left to right: The much needed 2pdr anti tank gun, a 40mm Bofors flak cannon, a Vickers Light Tank Mk.VI C,  Vickers Light Tank Mk.VI B, an Indian HMG team and another Bofors (going for ground targets).

The Mk. VI light tanks are named Achilles and Ajax.

Emporer, Achilles, Ajax and Phantom

A few months ago I found this amazing resource on British WW2 vchicle nicknames. From this document I also gor the vehicle names for the Matilda IIs from my earlier review. All you have to do is search the document for the vehicle type you have at hand, match time, unit and general area of operations and you got a name. It is not as accurate as going for proper historical orders of battle or unit lists but as you can see my vehicles also lack proper squadron designation and the likes. 

The rules set this force is primarily designed for is Chain of Command, a "reinforced platoon" level game, so there rarely is more than one or two vehicles or guns on the table anyway. This also explains the rather eclectic mix of models I got.

Cowes, Clyde and Pelham

So I went back through my few existing vehicles, matched type (in this case Morris CS9 armoured cars and an A13 Cruiser), location (Western Desert) and time (mid-1941) and got my names.

Not a slant at thoughtless 40k fans, I swear. ;-) Two vehicles who went by this name were actually around even.

Well, it was all a very quick job to get it done in the little break from commission painting over the weekend. Only later I remembered that I also got a Cruiser Mk.I lying around which I should add, simply for added choice. This one is only basecoated at the moment. I hope you like the models!

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