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Sonntag, 14. September 2014

Showcase: Chimera

A little blast from the past and one of my favourite models of all time - The Chimera.

First, please excuse the rather bad quality on the photos. I did the model a few years ago (as a commission so sadly I had to give it away) and my photo setup wasn't quite up to snuff then.

This one is the Banebeasts Chimera, now sold by Mierce Miniatures (formerly Maelstrom Games). You can find it on their website, I promise. All you need is a few minutes time and to never give up. ;-)

Full resin model, huge, quite pricey - somehting like GBP 90.00 then - because Mierce miniatures do their pricing based on Forgeworld prices if not worse (because FW prices on Fantasy monsters are rather reasonable). However, this one is worth it.

It's an astonishing model and more than once I considered getting one for myself. 

Here's a little size comparison. As I said, it is huge. 

I hope you like the model and if you feel the need to get this now and a nice paintjob on top, feel free to email me. 

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