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Mittwoch, 24. September 2014

Showcase: Flames of War Soviet Army Pt.2

Alrighty, here we got some closer-up pictures of the soviet army I posted a few days ago.

In this posting you will see some impressions of some units from this army I had to paint in record time (two weeks) due to tight scheduling.

I added a hand-painted paper map to the little table. Whilst arranging the figures I came up with a more familiar scenario than planning an attack. The temptation to add some pencils and D20 was there, believe me. At least I can make up some dialogue for them. Officer on the field telephone ordering pizza, guy in the far right having changed his mind about what pizza he wants at the last second (as he ALWAYS does), guy in the back re-read the rules about Rangers because guy-in-the-front's character seemed way too strong with his "favoured enemy: things in sight" and accuses him of cheating... er, let's proceed to the next picture.

 Now for the tanks. Some SU-100 and T-34:

The decals for the tanks arrived way too late. You saw them in the army shots.

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