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Montag, 13. Oktober 2014

Showcase: Flames of War Soviet Army Reinforcements - Assault

Two very characterful formations today with a certain in-your-face-ediness.

 First we got a Heavy Assault Gun company of ISU-122 self-propelled guns with a heavy IS-2 command tank. These ISU-122 are massive. Cool models to work with too because the more surface the tank has the more there is to weather.

Then we got a platoon of Sappers in the renowned Soviet body armour and an unhealthy amount of demolition charges:

Interesting stuff, that body armour. Of course it was mostly used in urban combat where it would be able to stop machine pistol rounds at a certain range. There are a lot of very varying reports about the usefulness of these cuirasses but looking at the limited use they probably are to be put at the more "exotic pieces of equipment" end of the spectrum.

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