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Samstag, 25. Oktober 2014

Showcase: Flames of War Soviet Army Reinforcements - Army Pictures

And now for the crowning moment - army shots!

Of course it's not a real army as such. In this case they may be an independantly operating assault formation ordered to use a little town in the east of the Reich as operational base for a flank attack.

There are all the self-propelled guns in the shape of SU-122 and ISU-122... 

...some heavy and medium tanks and the sappers, just in case they run into any unforseen fortifications.

And of course the Katyusha battery to keep the enemy's heads down and keep them from moving around as they please.

This is also the first "official" outing of my little houses. They actually are in scale for 10mm figures but go exceptionally well (possibly a bit better even) with 15mm figures such as these.

Well, and that's that. At this point the models are with their little comrades and at their owner, crushing fascists or drinking vodka or both. You never know what these crazy little guys come up with next (but it usually involves drinking vodka).

Hope you like the little army!

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