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Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015

Showcase: Blood Bowl Orcs Team

And here's my finished Orcs team. They had their baptism of fire a few days ago and it took a while until they were all patched up and presentable again.

The first game was quite a thing and I can confirm that Blood Bowl is an incredibly well thought out game. It will appeal to fans of 'wacky fantasy', football (I assume), more 'serious' boardgamers, tacticians, modellers and painters alike. Okay, it's a bit random, but to me that's half the fun of a proper GW game. (I don't mind a bit of randomness in my miniature games at all in general) Last but not least it's not too hard to convert BB teams from existing models of course. :) 

My boyz were up against a human team from the same starter box so things were pretty even on paper. Of course I was up against a BB veteran of old who scored two touch-downs in quick succession. That must have ticked off the boyz somehow and they fowled two human players (just slightly knocking them out). The referee looked the other way, but the fans sure didn't. 

They started throwing rocks at my team and come second half-time they stormed the pitch to beat my team up badly. In the end I had four out of eleven field players up on their feet, the rest was badly injured, dead or at least knocked out.

Good game though, good learning experience and as I said: Very, very solid set of rules. Highly recommended.

I got some more models by now to slightly individualize my team, so maybe the Orkakringer Schnitters will find themselves in a league sooner rather than later. Hope you like the minis and stay tuned!

P.S.: If you're in the Salzburg area on the 14th of March, make sure to check out Austrian Salute in Oberndorf! Great diversity of games, tables, people and things to do and look at. I'll be there with my little painting workshop. 

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