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Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2015

Showcase: Horse Cart

Now for something slightly different.

It's a horseless horse cart! So far I made a bunch of terrain over the past months. Actually, I can now fill a table for rural farming communities/woodland table for periods from early medieval times up to the 21st century, for fantasy to sci-fi settings. What I noticed I lack though is small little things to make the table look a bit more interesting and less sterile. You know, the little things which make a table come to life. The little bits which don't necessarily have a huge impact on the game itself, but add to the general impression. Signposts, street lights, litter bins, wells, the odd outhouse and so on.

Usually I'm more of a DIY guy when it comes to terrain, but when I ordered some toys before Christmas this little kit by 4Grounds got me intrigued. It's an MDF kit, rather cheap, and the material works pretty well to represent a wooden horse cart. The covered up stowage in the back is a solid chunk of resin, sold by Great Escape Games along with this kit. The green blanket and the little barrel were added by yours truly.

Fun little model and very well suited not only for just putting it on a gaming table for historical or fantasy (or even sci-fi) games as a random piece of terrain, but  also a nice scenario objective. Just add a pony/horse/ox/donkey/mule/grox/giant ant/... in front of it and you've got yourself an escort mission! Put it in the middle and you got an obective to grab and run and so on.

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