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Sonntag, 22. November 2015

Showcase: Bear Rider

Here's the second mini for the Warbear and Stagrider project!

What can I say. Bear cavalry. What is there to say?

In fact I vaguely remember being informed on the internet that bear cavalry renders my argument invalid.


On a more serious note: This is the other big mini in Dead Earth Games'  latest Kickstarter project for which I was hired to paint the promo minis. This round base I put him on is 60mm in diameter, so you see that this bear is proper big. 

The chap sitting on top is slightly viking-styled, albeit with a rather different helmet. Certainly a burly fella, probably from the North. 

In terms of uses in the Warhammer setting, which I'm very fond of myself, of course the most immediate thing to spring to mind is the Norse. Or Chaos Barbarians of course (for this I would add horns to the helmet, just for the fun of it). The bear riding motif of course also fits Kislev forces.

What I like most about this mini probably is the bear's face. It looks proper impressive and dangerous, but it still looks like a bear rather than some fantasy monster. There will be multiple sculpts for warbears in the end.

So yeah. Bear cavalry. If you like what you see, the Kickstarter page is this way. Both the stag rider and the bear rider measure up well with Warhammer figures by GW.

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