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Dienstag, 24. November 2015

Showcase: Heroes of British Steampunk

Today I got the promo minis of Legends of British Steampunk's Wave 1. They are roughly 32mm foot to eye, nice casting quality and characterful, fun sculpts by Geoff Sims.

So yeah, I was asked (once again) to paint some promo minis for a Kickstarter campaign, because 'naked' greens don't sell well as as we all know.

So what's this Legends of British Steampunk about? A range of brand new minis, 5 waves are already projected (plus possible additional minis), each of six minis as far as I know. The KS is already funded, so you can basically go there and buy yourself some affordable and unique minis for your Steampunk/Pulp gaming. 

The figures are roughly 32mm in size (foot to eye, as you mesure minis), there's a size comparison picture on the Kickstarter project page. They are in scale with Malifaux or Infamy minis. I was surprised to see that GW figures are there too already. 

Each sculpt is based on a real life member of the Steampunk community, which gives them a whole additional level of depth. Let's have a look at each of them individually:

The Commodore and Darwin:

The Commodore and his mischievous pet monkey Darwin. I did my best to give the monkey a sinisted look around the eyes. You just can't trust those monkeys.


A really cool sculpt. I like his face especially.

Jack Union, Monster Hunter:

A very dapper looking 'pulp hero' type, with his foot resting on the severed head of a Jabberwock. Apart from the colourful suit I really like the fact that he's having this notebook with him instead of say some big gun. It gives him some character and elevates the sculpt above the regular action-dude-with-gun types.

Major Beardance:

To be perfectly honest I don't know what's going on with his dancing pose, but oh well. It's a really amusing mini. May well work for a shapechanger of some sort too.


I really like the sombre face on her as well as the overall not too fancy costume.

MC DP Constable:

The regular Steampunky/Fantasy Victorian policeman kind of guy. Always useful for the setting.

So yeah, that's it. If you're interested in the sculpts now, feel free to pop over to the KS page and have a look. :)

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