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Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2015

Showcase: Star Wars Imperial Assault Imperial Troops

Today I'm showing you some Imperial troops for the Imperial Assault boardgame. Three officers, two Scout troopers with heavy weapons, three Imperial Probe Droids and a IG-88 assassin droid. The latter especially is a bit of a more exotic sight, but a very fun model nonetheless. And kind of creepy, not the least due to his size. 

Painting Stormtroopers is always a bit of a challange to get them "right". I also like those models of the Probes a lot. Proper dark and scary.

By the way, if you ask yourself why some of the models got red base rims - that's for gameplay reasons. Mostly they depict elite versions of each troop type. The models are 28mm scale. 

Of course today is the big start of Star Wars: Episode 7. A day to rejoyce. I'm fairly certain they'll get it right this time, but let me know about your opinions on the film  in the comments section!

Hope you like the minis, see you soon!

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