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Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2015

Showcase: Star Wars Imperial Assault Rebel Troopers and Characters

Today I got a bunch of rebel scum for you. Saska Teft, a brilliant engineer (accrording to her character card), vengeful guerrilla Biv Bodhrik and six rebel troopers.

Not sure if these two were made up for the game or are somehow mentioned in comics or novels. Either way, I have to say that the details on the models are really nice. The material of course lowers the overall quality of the models, especially by means of nasty mold lines, slightly less crispy details than you'd see on resin/metal/plastic figures and slightly rougher surfaces. Still, given these shortcomings, the models are really well done.

Here are the rebel troopers on their own again. I don't think we see those much in the films except for the beginning of the first film. Poor guys. They also look rather unremarkable, but I like them. Doing their duty against overhwelming odds, wearing their blue shirts and little black vests with pride. Even wearing those helmets with pride, which surely isn't a simple task.

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