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Dienstag, 28. Juni 2016

WIP: Imperial Reaver Titan Build #2

Proceeding with putting the beast together...

As mentioned in the previous post, I'm keeping the model in several separate sections for ease of painting and transport. The main body with weapon mountings will be in two parts (the frontal one you saw last time with the rubber bands around it, as well as the hind part with the crew compartment), on top of that goes the big ornamented top plate and the missile launcher (which is magnetized to the top armour plate. The head will ultimately be glued to the front part of the main body, but is kept off for painting.

The legs and hip are getting fully assembled, but armour plates are kept off for painting. I'm generally seeing that I can keep armour off to paint separately, but with the feet that's nigh impossible, so I built those onto the model right away.

As the next step I'll put together the weapons...

Oh, right. There was that. Seems like the model I got came with the Krummlauf version of the Gatling Blaster. Every single barrel was bent to some extent. Oh well. Putting the Powerfist together was actually more work, because it's just crazy detailled. :D But it's a fun kit. I didn't glue on the thumb for ease of painting.

Stay tuned for the final build stage next time!

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