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Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2016

WIP: Reaver Titan Build #1

I'm not only painting Dreadfleet at the moment, but also a Reaver Titan. Not just that, I also get to clean and build the big guy.

...and it is a ton of work. I work with resin kits a lot of course and this isn't the first big one I'm putting together. To be fair though, it's the biggest I built to date. So many bloody parts! I sat in so much resin dust, it wasn't fun any more.

I put so much green stuff and super glue in this model. Not to speak of the metal rods where I pinned it. 

I had to put the parts aside for a while and paint a bunch of other mnis as cleaning the model had become such a chore. But I'm soldiering on. 

As you can see I start from various bits I know aren't depending on each other in terms of posing and such. It's also convenient being able to switch between sections of the model while the GS on others is drying.

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