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Freitag, 4. November 2016

Showcase: 15mm WW2 Germans for Normandy

These actually are minis I painted for one of my own projects - the Kampfgruppe von Luck pint-sized campaign for Too Fat Lardies' Chain of Command (the link leads to a rules review written by me) rules.

At its core it is about the early hours of D-Day in which British paratroops and glider infantry were dropped off over Northern France to take two important bridges (Horsa and Pegasus bridge) and destroy a coastal battery (see Operation Tonga). The mini campaign deals with the hours right after the drop in which the British Paras have to get together, find their equipment (as men and equipment were strewn across a rather large area after a nightly jump) and form a fighting force before local German forces (Kampfgruppe von Luck) can stop them from doing so and destroy/capture them piece meal. For this the Germans didn't have much heavy support on hand. Parts of the 125th Panzergrenadiers, plus some cobbled together armoured vehicles, but more on that later.

The miniatures pictured are from Battlefront's 15mm Late War German Pioniers Platoon blister from which I took all figures which possibly could depict Panzergrenadiers, plus a few minis from Plastic Soldier Company's German Late Heavy Weapons box plus an AT team with Panzerschreck. It's weird, but I just couldn't get hold of a proper Panzergrenadiers platoon blister at the time.

I got two squads plus the AT team and a senir leader (Leutnant) together for our Normandy game at a Chain of Command demo day at a local club: 

My Germans got a battering versus my friend's British Paras (because they're dead 'ard!), but it was a cool game and German Panzergrenadiers have an unholy amount of firepower. 

I'm very much looking forward to getting this campaign going.

3 Kommentare:

  1. nicely done. More close ups please! :)

  2. Enjoy the campaign, it's a cracker! The Brits start slow but get a lot tougher as they go. I actually think the slightly nerfed Paras give a lot better game against regulars.

  3. @Braven: Thanks! :)

    @Andy: Thanks for the comment. To be honest I I think I'll like the "regular" (as opposed to Elite) Paras more. We played a game of Big Chain of Command a few weeks ago with Paras turned to regulars and I think it gives a better game. Of course I'm at the receiving end, so that might be a reason ;)