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Freitag, 18. November 2016

Showcase: 15mm WW2 Germans for Normandy, Pt.5

Time to roll out the big guns! The particular scenarios we're going to play take place without any proper armoured support, so instead only makeshift solutions with German guns bolted onto leftover French vehicles are available.

Again, bless Battlefront for making a 15mm miniature of every single German vehicle used in WW2, even the most esoteric ones.

All of them were produced under crafty Major Becker of the 21st Panzerdivision in France, with the goal of making as much artillery and AT guns mobile as possible.

In the picture above you can see (from left to right)..

...a light armoured personnel carrier U304(f) half-tracks, ...

...two Pak40 mounted on S307(f) chassis...

...two times the 15cm sFH mounted on the poor old Lorraine artillery tractor chassis...

...and another U304(f) APC in the far right.

  I think I'm ready for the campaign now!

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