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Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2018

Showcase: Infinity Ju Ying army

As promised - Yu Jing figures!

Bacially the other half of the Operation Icestorm starter box. First time I ever painted Yu Jing figures. The general order by the gentleman I painted these for was "I really like the studio paintjob, but do what you think looks cool". 

You can see how I kinda also went for a "shiny" look on the armour parts, which is very, very interesting to do with yellow. As the contrast on the armour itself wasn't that huge I also added a good dose of turquoise/blue-green for contrast.

In this photo they still were a bit WIP, mostly showing in the skin.

So yeah, that's that! But fret not, I heard that more Infinity figures for these "armies" are on the way already!

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