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Samstag, 29. September 2018

Showcase: Infinity PanO army

 Proceeding with some PanOceania figures for Infinity! Bit of a mix of generations there; note the old ORC Trooper. Nonetheless, all lovely.


I'm just a huge fan of that shiny dark blue look on sci-fi miniatures. Some of you may remember that I painted my own Nomads force that way back in the day. Maybe Bubblegum Crisis (1987, because it's class and the very first scene emulates the first scene of one of my favourite films of all time) is to blame for that. It's just a cool, cool look.

Another very interesting result of that look (apart from making things look dead sexy) is that you don't really need any contrasting colours for the colour scheme, as the dark and bright bits are so far apart in terms of tone that the blue basically works as its own contrasting colour. Add some red on top, and you got a super cool look for robots/power armour/cars at least. For the rest I used tan and camo coloured cloth to underline the establishment/military look a bit.

Again, closing with a shot along with some terrain. Hope you like the figures, and next I'll show you the very first Yu Jing figures I ever painted!

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