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Sonntag, 9. September 2018

Review: Grumpy Old Tin Grass Tufts

Today I would like to share my thoughts on some of my pal Grumpy Old Tin's grass tufts.

If you attended Austrian Salute or indeed read my show reports then the name will be familiar to you. Since 2015 him and his sons are a fixture at the show with their own trade stand, usually backed up by a really nice and at times award winning gaming table. And always with new products.

During shows you'll see him sitting and scribbling prodcts or improvements thereof in his notepad. Since the last show I really took a shine to his grass tufts and used them on a large Nurgle army and other projects. In the following article I will show you a few grass tuft samples he send me:

I received a box full of sheets of grass tufts of varying looks and sizes, plus: flowers which he let me know were a work in progress and in the testing stages.

In general these are all self-adherent. Just plug them off the sheet, press onto the base, done. Same quality you get in Army Painter, MiniNatur, Warlord, etc. tufts.

So let's have a closer look, from left to right:

Flowers (work in progress) and light green tufts. Other than with most flowering tufts from other companies, the flower heads are a bit larger here, and less ball-shaped. I like them. The pink may be a bit overpowering, but amidst a larger base of grass and such Those can work nicely. I really like the blue ones.

The bright green tufts are short and really bright. Everybody has a bag of that stuff lying around at home, never really using it, because it looks so toxic-bright green. At least for larger surfaces. With tufts that small it can work. This is why it's also so clever that these are so small. 

These more muted tufts are my favourites. They'll go with anything (especially 40k-related) and it doesn't really come out well in the photo, but they actually consist of bristles of different colours, which gives them a very naturalistic look. I like those a lot. These are the ones I used on the Nurgle army I did recently.

 The rightmost two are longer, bushier tufts of more parched-looking grass and very dark red-brown-ish tufts. Both useful for savannahs or for when you in general want a stronger contrast on your bases/dioramas/terrain pieces/gaming tables.

So yeah, these should be available in clam shell packaging and at reasonable prices. In terms of what they do they're easily up there with other commercial products. So keep Grumpy Old Tin in mind when shopping for tufts and indeed laser-cut terrain pieces and an ever-growing range of other neat things made with LASERS. And love. But mostly LASERS. Recommended.

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