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Donnerstag, 13. September 2018

Showcase: Malifaux Ortegas Warband

Heyhey, here's a tiny little detour into Malifaux once more! This is the newer plastic version of the Ortega warband. 

I got this Malifaux warband to paint for a very fine gentleman. Unfortunately somehow the big sombrero of the mini in the right (Francisco Ortega) had been gone and was nowhere to be found. So he contacted Wyrd miniatures. It took a few weeks of back and forth, but finally they were willing to send a replacement part. A while later they FEDEXED(!) it off to - New York. From there on the hat was off the grid and nobody knew where it was until it popped up in Sweden for a while. Then it was gone again for a few weeks until some day it actually showed up at my doorstep.

Thanks to Wyrd Miniatures for the replacement. Always a bit iffy with plastic parts.

 Quite a saga, but now the hat's finally here and the warband is finished. Hope you like them!

Also - of course this isn't the first time I painted these characters. Back in 2011 I painted the older metal incarnations of them in a very moody colour scheme.

I couldn't tell which version I like better. I like both, to be honest. What do you think?

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  1. Love the new one, but I'm biased! ;D Thank you for the great work.