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Freitag, 26. April 2019

Showcase: Let's go Camping!

Breaking up the Infinity theme for a bit with some terrain items I quickly painted up for display stuff and games.

These are tents (obviously), bedrolls, and other items should work for a medieval fair/market, fantasy, camping scenes for modern (zombie) skirmish games and not-too-distant scifi. So this could work for just general rural scatter terrain, an attack on a group of fantasy heroes or zombie apocalypse survivors, an abandoned campsite to look through for loot (and maybe have the owners return unsuspectedly!).

It's a mix of bits: the red and blue tents I got from Old Glory, the green tent is from the Perrys/Renedra set (as well as the burnt down fireplace). The rest of the items (bedrolls, kettle, fireplace, bird, tree stump and pile of backpacks) is from a recently released terrain set by Mantic, for which a review is one of the things I'm currently working on.

Goblin princess is just there for scale and to make the shot a bit more lively. Hope you like the terrain. It's just a few items which I don't think I'll get out very often, but it's good to have. Can't ever have enough scatter terrain!

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