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Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2019

Showcase: Tabletop World Ruined Coaching Inn

A while ago I was given a huge box and a 'paint this prettily' order. So I got to it.

This is Tabletop World's Ruined Coaching Inn, possibly the finest resin building kit I've ever worked with. TTW of course have released several incarnations of their Coaching Inn over the years, but to my knowledge this is the only 'ruined' version of it.

The gentleman I painted this one for had gotten it painted elsewhere, but didn't care much for the results, so he handed it over to me. The winged Reaper on top, the corpse on the balcony, the spectre and fleeing peasant inside, as well as a whole lot of rats and bats lurking in the rotting beams of the building have been added and aren't original parts of the kit.

As always with TTW kits the detailling is amazing and the casting is pretty much flawless. They got a fascintaing way of casting and designing their kits, the only downside being that the molds don't last very long. So each of their kits is pretty much on a limited production run. In short - if you want a TTW kit you better get it now rather than later.

For impressions of another TTW kit, you can refer to my review of their Townhouse II.

Quite a lot of work, those ruined buildings (usually more so than intact ones), but it's worth it. Just a great centrepiece for your gaming table or on the shelf. Hope you like it!

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