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Freitag, 13. September 2019

Showcase: Nova Aetas Pt.1

Nova Aetas is a fully co-operative board wargame set in a fantasy Version of 16th century Italy.

It's a Kickstartered boardgame about which I heard nothing but good. Haven't played it myself, and I don't think it ever hit physical shelves in shops, but I was asked to paint one gentleman's Nova Aetas collection. It's a lot of big figures too.

I had just a few weeks to get all of it done, so I got to it fast, painting one faction after another. Starting with an interesting one for the setting - Fauns! 

I like Fauns. They're underrepresented in wargames in favour of the less refined and simpler beastmen. These here have a bit of an unusual design, and they come with musicians and Centaurs.

These are pretty huge, even for 32mm figures. If I remember correctly those are standing on 30mm bases.

Right, that's it for today. Next up - some Papal troops, including a heavily armoured Pope himself!

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