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Sonntag, 29. September 2019

Showcase. Nova Aetas Pt.5

Here we got two big monsters also included in the game: It's the odd couple - dragon and manticore!

Can't say anything negative about the dragon sculpt. Nice, classic dragon, that. So I went with a nice, classic dragon colour scheme, lending from the king of all the Koopas.

If you've read the things I write on the internet you'll vaguely remember that I like Manticores. Manticores are an amazing concept. I love them.

As usual with Manticores, I threw in a bit of turquoise on the stingers (scorpion stinger excluded. That's gotta be red, obviously.), just because it's a nice contrast with the usual lion fur colour.


Aaaanyway, I hope that you like the look of those two knuckleheads. Next time: "army" shots!

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