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Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2019

Showcase: Nova Aetas Pt. 6

Here we got the mandatory scenic shots of the whole Nova Aetas collection!

A quick size comparison shot to illustrate how frigging huge these figures are (Manticore and Swiss Guardsman next to a 28mm Foundry viking woman and a GW Space Ork boy):  

...which is why they were quite a lot of work to paint. But here they are all done and happy.

Hope you like these figures! There are so many boardgames around with really nice looking figures, and it really adds to the experience to have them all nicely painted. 

Oh, and happy October! Oktoberfest (well, kinda), the last days of nice weather before it gets all cozy, wargames/model shows left and right, harvest festivals, big bloody Halloween, ... it's gonna be a fun month.

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