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Freitag, 18. Oktober 2019

Showcase: Space Orks Kommandoz

Buncha Kommandoz for Orktober! These are for the Goff army I've been working on in several batches since late 2017.

Excellently fun miniatures, these. As always with this project, I didn't build the minis myself. They were lovingly built and converted by the gentleman who I'm painting these for; in this case I'm just the paintmonkey. 

Anyway, these are really nicely built. Each of them is a unique chap, and I underlined that via the paintjob. Overall, the colours are a bit more muted and darker than on the rest of the Boyz in this army.

Naturally, the big backpacks took a good extra while to paint on top of the usual Orky paintjobs. Note the camouflage on the bedrolls/smocks/coats/tablecloths/whatever attached to their backpacks. Each of those is an individual one as well.

So yeah, nice figures, despite the darker paintjob. But that goes so well with the piercing blue lenses on the gas masks.

So yeah, that's that. Hope you like those Kommandoz. Next time we'll have a look at the glory hogs among the Orky ranks.

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