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Sonntag, 5. Dezember 2021

Review: Warbases Garden Sheds


Sticking with the theme of wooden sheds, here's two smaller ones by Warbases!

Technically it just one (Potting) Shed, the other one's a Wood Store.

I got them from Warbases along with another order because I thought that these two could come in handy for several different table layouts.

The Potting Shed comes with a nifty table for plant pots (unsurprisingly) as an extra.

The Wood Store is essentially an empty shed with an open front. In that way it may double as a stable for smaller scales if you want?


Assembly is easy as pie, the parts fit together very well. The wood store has some nice external detail on its side. This also makes it a few millimetres wider than the potting shed. Otherwise, both have the same measurements and bascially the same substructure. Both come with a floor.

Of course I couldn't have an empty wood store, so I started chopping lots of wood to fill it up properly. In the end I added a bit of hay for some critter to sit on and guard the wood.

As on the 4Grounds cabin before, I added hand-cut shingles to these buildings as well. However, I made them more even this time, and less withered.

What I really like about those kits though is that they come with sheets of heavy, textured paper, akin to tarboard, to cover the roofs. Very, very handy indeed. While on the wood store I glued the roof down, I kept it removable on the potting shed. It's perfectly easy to remove and put on again.

When they're assembled the sheds measure 63 (66 on the wood store) x 47 x 70mm. With overhanging shingles mine measure a few mm more.


Again, I made full use of the natural colour of the MDF and mostly worked with washes and filters to give the buildings a slightly weathered look, but not to the extent as on the 4Ground cabin.


In the end I added small bases from plasticard, to give the buildings a frame so to speak. I kept them small, so I can put them into a garden later on as required. The potting shed's base got an indicated walkway of flat stones leading to the door.

Closing Thoughts

These models from Warbases' dedicated Chain of Command range (you can use them with other rules sets though, don't worry) are nice, handy pieces of terrain. They come at reasonable GBP 5.00 (wood store) and GBP 5,83 (potting shed) each. To me the highlight is the roof cover you get with them. The Pod shelf is nice to have as well; I currently got it in the Dinogas station's workshop.

At this price point it's hard not to pick thesee up. The pottering shed will fit into any garden from the late 19th century up to modern times. It makes a nice tool shed as well, it'll also make a nice playhouse. The wood store's equally useful, and can be used even more flexibly when it comes to time periods. I strongly recommend filling it with something so it doesn't look too empty, but once you got that done it's very useful for adding life to a house or just a field. Because a stack of wood is nice, but of little use if it gets wet, right? Need a roof above that. Good stuff.

I hope that you enjoyed the review and found it useful or even entertaining. If you have any questions, maybe review requests, suggestions or ideas feel free to use the comments section below or just contact me via e-mail or Battle Brush Studios' Facebook page. The same goes of course for commission requests. See you soon! :-)

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