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Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2021

Showcase: Dark Souls' Titanite Demon & Friends


Heyhey, time for more Dark Soulsian baddies. Here's the Titanite Demon and several enemies straight from the High Walls of Lothric. I reinstalled Dark Souls 3 just to research the look of these enemies. Because I take my job seriously, damnit!

The funny thing about Dark Souls (the video games) is that they very, very much rely on lighting for the look of the enemies. Which is something that doesn't translate all that well onto miniature. Even in large screenshots or videos it can be hard to figure out what colour something is supposed to be. And still, I had to apply some creative freedom to add at least some colour in those faded blues and greens, mainly to help tell the enemies apart on the board. I also did my best to put the ragged, torn, and very 'spotty' look onto the figures.

One of the many screenshots taken by yours truly.

Anyway, I like them. Hope you do too!

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