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Montag, 27. Januar 2014

Showcase: Malcador Infernus

For the last part of the Nurgle show: Malcador Infernus. Renegade-built and hopefully maintained.

Another really large model. I think I said it before, I'm a fan of the Malcador design, especially the lots-of-heavy-bolters variety. 

However, this one's got his charms too, mostly the little promethium hanger in the back. Of course it's got a Nurgling rider sitting on it, of course mimicking the Gretchin from the Orks Scorcha model.

I kept the model very simple in terms of colour scheme and iconography, only adding a hand-painted vehicle number on both sides. That aside, I focussed on the weathering.

During painting I noticed a little bit that could only be an antenna mount so I made an antenna for the thank as well. It's quickly done and adds to the look of any tank. Hope you like the model! :)

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