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Freitag, 24. Januar 2014

Showcase: Reaver Titan

And here we got the finished Reaver Titan. It's a very satisfying sight I'm sure you will understand because quite a few hours of work went into this one. But dang it, is that thing impressive.

Taking a look into the cockpit. I started painting the innards of the model and then only went on to paint the outsides.

There he is on a little presentation board:

Aw, here's the whole happy family all together. Again, showcasing the size of the Reaver. I mean it's not like the other things are small to begin with.

A few size comparisons of the weapon systems with a Space Marine, a British Commando and a German Panzer IV, all 28mm scale of course, next to them:

Well, certainly one of the highlights in my painting so far. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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