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Sonntag, 12. Januar 2014

Showcase: Western Desert Force reborn

....well, rebased really. But as soon as I got the little fellas on their new single bases the platoon felt differently. It's funny, as soon as a mini has it's own base I get the urge to not only make it a little more individual and neaten up the painting a little. This is what I did. Redid the skin on the models, some blacklining, slightly different colour to the webbing, some new shading and so on.



While I also got a platoon of 3" mortarts I kept those on their rectangular bases because it's not too likely that there will be 3" mortars on the table for now. 

It's a full platoon: Lieutenant, Platoon Sergeant and platoon command including 2" mortar and Boys anti-tank rifle team, three rifle sections of ten each including a Bren gun team each, led by a Corporal and a Lance-Corporal each. Then there are six surplus dudes I can use as artillery observers, disembarked vehicle crews, additional troops, or what ever else the scenario reqires. They of course depict British troops in mid-1941. Basically a rifle platoon but i can turn them into a motor platoon easily (remove two guys from each rifle section mostly). The figures as all from Battlefront miniatures, 15mm scale.

Two of the rifle sections plus some support

...and the third platoon, platoon HQ and some additional guys who can represent a whole nuimber of things.

They of course are based for skirmish gaming, mainly with Force on Force and Chain of Command in mind. I played Force on Force WW2 with those models before but the multi-baases proved to be cumbersome and required additional bookkeeping with that set of rules and with the first test game of Chain of Command on the horizon rebasing the whole platoon made much more sense. It's a nice feeling to see the platoon ready for action now on their new bases and shiny new paintjob. Now all I need is some names for the officers. Any suggestions?

Don't forget that any WW2-themed painting/modelling project commissioned during all of December is -20% off! - Extended until January 17th!!

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  1. Although not a scale or period I play, very nice work nonetheless. :)

  2. Thanks very much, pulpcitizen. Always apprecitated. :)

    What are your main foci of interest wargamingwise if I may ask?

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