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Freitag, 19. Juni 2015

Showcase: Astra Miliatrum Advisors

A Guardsman is nothing without leadership, so here we got a commissar! Because when no proper officers are around we'll have to resort to political officers.

First time I painted one of those new commissars and I have to admit that it's a pretty fun mini. I painted him in the traditional Commissar look of course.

On top of that here's an artillery officer/forward artillery observer:

I actually got one of those lying around myself somewhere. I always found it odd that he has to carry around his own VOX set. The good thing is that on this model they changed the position of the antennae around, so it's not just a metal version of the plastic Cadian VOX.

....and a shot of thoe whole crew, ready for the next suicide operation! They almost look perfect for some Sgt.Shaeffer style last chancers-y thing too:

Hope you like them! 

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