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Montag, 15. Juni 2015

Showcase: Showcase: Astra Militarum Veterans Squad

Finally got to paint an Imperial Guard squad again! I painted a lot of those of course for my own IG armies, but I think that this squad is the prettiest I've ever done. They're a mix of all kinds of bits including these metal IG heads which were released around early 2008 I think and which I thought looked really bad in pictures on the GW site, but in fact they look really good and characterful in the flesh.

Another funny thing I noticed is the detail differences between the 2004 Cadian bits and the bits from the 2008 Cadian command sprue. All I can say is digital sculpting certainly is NOT the better way to go by default. :D

Anyway, variety and character in droves. Really cool stuff. The camouflage pattern on the camo cloaks took quite long to do, but I had to do a different camo scheme than on the rest of the uniforms whilst sticking to the colour scheme AND keep it different from the camo cloaks on the Raven Guard scouts (which I painted for the same guy). So I went for this one and it came out really, really well I think. Me gusta.

I hope that you gusta the minis as well!

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