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Samstag, 13. Juni 2015

Showcase: Lambda Shuttle Repaint for X-Wing

I'm sure that there are lots of X-Wing fans amongst you, here's a picture of a repaint I was hired to do a few weeks ago.

The colour scheme was requested to be like another repaint the client had spotted online. Other than the guy who did the original repaint, I completely freehanded the Empire logos which was one of those typical experiences with freehanding large, geometric shapes (twice and mirrored no less): cautious optimism, cluelessness, deep depression, rage, complete desparation, shutdown, do something else for a while, crank up that 60bpm baroque music and tackle the project again, trying to keep calm, things start looking like they might work out, 'hey, this is starting to look nice', complete extasy, 'I AM a good painter after all!', megalomania, complete hubris. calm down, take pictures, realize all the little mistakes, 'whatever, it looks fine'. 

I built a little easter egg into the scribbly bits on the top "wing". Up to that day I hadn't known that there was a readily worked out written language for the Star Wars Empire.

Hope you like it! :)

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