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Montag, 27. Februar 2017

Showcase: Guild Ball Alchemists Goal

Just a quick little thing today - it's a goal for the Alchemist's Guild team for Guild Ball.

 Guild Ball can be enhanced if you add thematic goals for each team. There are no official models for these (I'm sure there will be sooner or later), but the much more satisfying and of course unique way to go about this is to make goals from scratch.

Here's a rather simple but effective Alchemists goal, featuring the colours of the team, most prominently the magenta I used on all their chemical burn effects on the models. I also added bits of yellow clothing as worn by the team and a single charred boot. I guess we can assume that these are the remains of some unlucky team member whose experiment has gone pair shaped.

Building this one was fairly straightforward: I used a 50mm MDF base, made a crater from milliput and then added the remains of the clothes I made from green stuff and a Chaos Barbarian's boot which I converted a little so it looks more like a football shoe. The smoke/flame bit is resin cast. I got it from the customer I do all these teams for.

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