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Samstag, 18. Februar 2017

Showcase: Guild Ball Hunters #2

Fahad, Jaecar and Seenah the bear complete the Hunter's Guild team.

I had a lot of fun painting Fahad. Painting wildcats always is fun, and then you got that NMM armour bit on top... just nice.

Jaecar, the crouching dude, is pretty neat too. Painting bald dudes is always a bit 'meh', so I decided to add a tattoo to the left side of his face and bits of his scalp.

Last but not least there are a trap with some foliage on top and Seenah the bear. Guild Ball has no shortage of big models, but this one's really big. I went for rather little colour variation on this model. In fact it's almost all brown, It was great seeing the leather come together and looking like leather as opposed to the look of the fur. The only differently coloured stuff I added was the wraps on the tusk harness thing.

Hope you like them!

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