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Freitag, 24. Februar 2017

Showcase: Guild Ball Mascots

 Along with the Hunters team for Guild Ball I got these Season II releases to paint up which were to be added to teams I painted before that.

It's all mascots, so a rather eclectic bunch of critters.

First there's mascots for the Butchers team (left) and the Fishermen team (right). That pig just looks great. Very fun model and I spent much time getting the skin tone right.

The Octopus called Tentacles was a bit more iffy. Mostly because octopi, squids and so on freak me out, which made the usual google picture search for research, inspiration and ideas a bit harder. :-P

Then there are new mascots for the Alchemists guild and the Union guild.

Both of them reflect the colours of their teams. With the snake it was pretty regular stuff. However, the Union team got a rather gaudy colour scheme, which would have made a naturally coloured turtle (or tortoise?) look out of place. So I went with the colour scheme, but toned down the red to have the skin look red, but still natural in a way. On the shell I went with the team's purple, stipling on highlights rather than painting to get a textured surface. With the prominently golden box on top I decided it would help the balance of the model if the outer rim of the shell was coloured gold as well. I think in the context of the team it also makes sense to have them colour their mascot a little and give it a golden rim.

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