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Freitag, 7. Dezember 2018

Showcase: American Civil War Ambulance

Here's another piece for my American Civil War collection: A two-wheeled ambulance wagon.

The models are by Perry miniatures, as almost every bit of my collection. Their ACW range is just so vast and well done that there barely is a reason to look elsewhere for nice figures.

So yeah, I basically just arranged the figures on the base (a large oval Renedra base), put everything together and painted it up! 

As for the colour of the wagon (because I know that many of you are really well read on that subject): I went for a different colour than on the general supplies wagon I painted earlier. Here the wagon itself it blue-green-ish grey and the wheels are yellow/wood coloured. This is mainly meant to depict a discoloured US army wagon, possibly with the wheels replaced by new ones along the way.

Hope you like the mini diorama!

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