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Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2018

Showcase: Guild Ball Farmers

Yet again, a Guild Ball team! It's Farmers again, but this time with a decidedly Austrian bent.

 I painted these figures before, but this time the theme I was asked to go for was to paint them in the colours of the Austrian flag. It's not quite our national GB team, but very close to it. ;-)

Here are some detail shots:

 These models of course always are the 'hidden champions' of the team - the donkey and the pig sitting in the tub. This time around the pig in the tub was converted a little: I was asked to add a smaller pig to sit along with him, and for him to hold up an Austrian flag. Great fun, that little conversion.

So yeah, a new spin on figures I'd done before. Good time, and I'm rather happy with the outcome. Hope you like them too!

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