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Samstag, 29. Dezember 2018

Showcase: Earl of Uxbridge

Today I'll show you one of Wargames Illustrated's Giants in Miniature - Henry Paget, 2nd Earl of Uxbridge at the battle of Waterloo, before The Incident.

At the battle the Earl of Uxbridge commandeered the British heavy cavalry, the Household Battalion. That went well to some point. Towards the end of the battle (during which Henry Paget led a whole bunch of attacks and had several horses shot dead underneath him) one of the very last French cannonballs fired smashed his leg, leading to 
.) a legendary exchange between him and Wellington, 
.) a grave and tombstone for a leg, 
.) a grim exhibit at the National Army Museum in London
.) a Wikipedia page dedicated to the leg.

The figure is from a range of limited edition sculpts by Wargames Illustrated magazine. The rider and the horse are cast in one piece. Neither of them are especially tall for 28mm, but the sculpting is excellent, and the cast is extremely clean. This figure is pretty much built 'out of the box', all I did was add a base (40mm, round, Renedra), a musket, and a drum on the ground (note the freehand design on the drum).

It's another one of those one-off figures which take much time to do, but the amazing uniform and colourful palette make it worth it. Very nice figure to work with. Hope you like it too!

2 Kommentare:

  1. Lovely work. Does the miniature come with a detachable leg?

    1. Thanks very much. I figured the mini depicts the guy right before the incident. But in his face you can already see - he's suspecting something. ;-)