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Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2019

Showcase: Austrian Napoleonic Limber

To round off the little series on Austrian Napoleonics we're taking a look at a Limber and artillery train drivers.

 This one I was allowed to base. Hooray! This time the figures are by Perry miniatures, and it's a really pretty kit. Often in wargaming limbers are left off the table due to space constraints, and sometimes people prefer to spend money on more combat units rather than limbers. That's understandable, but limbers are one of the things that make a battlefield become alive, and it really helps the look of a game to have something different between masses of marching infantry and dashing cavalry.

Basically, things like limbers, horse holders, and so on aren't exactly glamorous, BUT they make things around them look better.

A few words on the build of this kit - it's not easy (note the ropes between the limber and the horses; these aren't part of the kit; I added those myself. There is a magnificent human being who runs the Chasseur á Cheval blog who posted an article on assembly and improvement on Perrys Napoleonic cannon limbers, specifically the Austrian and French ones ones back in 2017.

With the help of this article assembly is much clearer, so we can focus on the fiddly mechanical work. So yeah, that's that. Hope you like the limber and basing ( ;) ).

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