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Montag, 29. Juli 2019

Showcase: Infinity PanOceania TO Cutter

This one's not from the Operation Icestorm box, but an individual addition. It's a mighty and pretty TAG, a TO Cutter.

Again, made this one shiny and bright. Another nice effect I often make use of on Infinity figures, especially on PanO is that if you make surfaces shiny you got the contrast built in already, so you don't need to use too many contrasting colours. Of course on a large figure such as this one the effect's a bit diminished, and I didn't go all-out on the shininess on the blue armour.

What a lovely piece of metal. I really like the pose as well; it implies how well this thing moves despite all the armour and mass. The Infinity sculptors are really good with that. Sometimes they seem to forget it or overdo it, but if they get it right, they succeed in a glorious fashion.

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