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Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2019

Showcase: Pirates of the Dread Sea Wave #2 and Kickstarter

Heyhey, today I'd like to show you the upcoming releases for Pirates of the Dread Sea: The undead warband and the human crew. Both (including the Pirates of the Dread Sea skirmish rules) are currently up on Kickstarter, so don't hesitate and back this project if you want the minis and the rules!

Just a quick disclaimer - I don't own Dead Earth Games, wrote the game or anything like that. I'm just their paintmonkey. I don't have any stake in the company other than that I'd like to see them do well and get this KS funded, because (apart from me being their painmonkey) a.) wargaming is all about the small companies, b.) they have been around for a while and ran several successful Kickstarters, c.) they're nice guys with a passion for miniature gaming. So yeah, let's help'em get their products released. 

That's that, now let's go on to the goodies, shall we.

Here's the Undead. Skeleton pirates (you gotta love'em) and a Voodoo Priestess to raise and lead them.

I really like the Voodoo bent on these. Doesn't only give them a spot of colour, and also fits very well thematically with the caribbean pirates feel.

Painting her was lots of fun.

...and here's the human crew:

As befitting for pirates, they're a colourful bunch, and even include mandatory peg legs, hooks-for-hands, and a parrot.

The design is clean and crisp, as always with this manufacturer. I like the design, which is pretty straightforward and not overladen with stuff. In that regard, they make for a nice contrast with Werner Klocke's Freebooter's Fate minis (another particular favourite of mine). Very interesting to have the pirate theme approached from wo very different directions, and either work well I think.

The figures are ~32mm in size, so possibly won't fit so well with smaller pirates ranges out there. Of course if you already have a collection of pirates you can just get the rules and have at it. 

Via the Kickstarter you can also get your hands on the previously released Dwarves crew (including the KS-exclusive Chef with Fish!), Elf, Orc, and Mermaids. I posted these late last year here:

Pirates of the Dread Sea's beta rules are available for download (now with added Ratmen!) on the Pirates of the Dread Sea Beta Testers group on Facebook.

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