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Sonntag, 2. April 2023

Showcase: Aeldari Avatar


Quite an interesting one from that Saim-Hann project - I got to paint the new plastic Avatar. 

The old one was showing its age a little it has to be said. I think it was one of the longest-serving models in the 40k range, only supplemented by the two excellent Forge World Avatars (one of which I painted earlier for the Iyanden project).

GW are rather clever about how they handle Eldar - they don't mess with the original (excellent) designs too much. Not much to say about the model itself really - it's big, it's plastic, they didn't mess with the existing designs too much (they made him very buff, but okay. They make everything buffer and buffer with each incarnation).

In the end I took a fun little picture of a bit of a dream match you don't see every day: 

;-) Anyhoo, hope you like the Avatar!

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