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Mittwoch, 19. April 2023

Showcase: Super Dungeon Explore Pt. 35


Hello, hello. It's time for more Super Dungeon Explore figures. In fact I painted these a good while ago now, but I've done so many that there's still fodder for plenty more blog posts!

Today's theme is Fire and Ice, just because if I split it up even further we'd never get done with this!

Big dragon, smaller dragons, little drakelings. Lovely. And a big gemstone with dragon eggs. As always, painted to look like the artwork on the cards which accompany each figure in the game. This can be a bit tricky sometimes, other times it's more staightforward. The All Red Everything approach to the colourscheme is based on these very cartoony illustrations of course, and requires the use of lots of contrast when putting it onto three dimensional figures.

Now on to the "ice" part:

Keenly-eyed readers will notice that I painted these figures (even more) years prior, in a fire colour scheme (as part of the classic Caverns of Roxor expansion set). Here's their icy variants. In a very typically classic-JRPG fashion it's basically re-coloured versions of the sprites encountered earlier in the game. :) 

Also rather simplistic colour scheme, but all the more tricky to pull off if you only have one colour to work with basically.

Right, I hope that you like them; stay tuned for more!

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