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Mittwoch, 26. April 2023

Showcase: PanOceania Jotum TAG


Back to Infinity! Here's a PanO Jotum TAG (Tactical Armored Gear, the big robo suits in Infinity).

As you know, I love close to 90% of all Infinity figures. This one for some reason I didn't love from the get-go. For an Infinity TAG it looks pretty bulky and unelegant. So I did my best to paint it in a way that made me like it better.

The general order was to make it fit the other PanO figures I painted for the gentleman, so the main colour would be blue. Fine by me; shiny blue is my go-to choice for Infinity (or "shiny sci-fi" in general). A subtle green would serve as a secondary colour (mostly applied as freehand-triangles to break up the very bulky armour) and red for lights, lenses and other details for some additional contrast. The main portion would be shiny blue though.

This being a PanO TAG, I added some "western" looking military letterings as well as a 'call sign' on the right shoulder armour.

In the end I decided to add over-the-top stylish light reflections to the biggest armour plates. It's not the most usual of looks, but I'm satisfied with the result. As was the gentleman I painted this one for, so all is fine. Hope you like it as well!

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