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Sonntag, 14. Mai 2023

Showcase: Johnny Ringo


'Look darlin',this is Johnny Ringo... '.  I painted another one of the lovely CGS busts. This time it's Johnny Ringo, old west gun man of some mystery

The bust and the way I painted it is largely based on his depiction in the 1993 film Tombstone.

The photos really aren't the best, I'm afraid, and he's not properly mounted yet, so maybe this is almost more of a WIP than a fully done figure. But with large-scale figures I very often feel like they're not quite done until I frankly run out of time and just have to delay the finishing touches until an unknown point in time.

Don't mind the funny line along the cheek; that's the shadow of the hat's band. By the way, the whole bust is resin of course. In their thoughtful and accomodating way, CGS figures supply two hats with each set, as well as two left hands with the revolver, because those two bits are rather thin and might break. Also supplied in the box you get a piece of rather soft wire to model the hat band. Which I of course misplaced during the year I'Ve had the unpainted bust standing around in some corner of the painting desk. So I used some other copper wire, which I twisted for the top of the hat and the rest of the hat band thing dangling about. 

CGS Military Figures offer a whole range of Tombstone-inspired busts. 

So yeah, hope you like him!

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