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Sonntag, 28. Mai 2023

Showcase: O-Joroi Kidobutai TAG

Today we got another Infinity TAG. This time it's a Yu-Jing O-Joroi Kidobutai.

Now this is more like it. As opposed to the Jotum we talked about last week, this looks more like an Infinity TAG. Sleek, and slightly outlandish looking machines. And I really like the little arms of the pilot(?) stiking out, motioning what the big TAG arms are mimicking. At least that's what I think all of this means. 

The colour scheme is dictated by the Yi-Jing force I painted for the same customer a while prior. Shiny yellow armour of course very much is a different beast to shiny dark blue armour. I did make use of similar over-the-top style sheen stripes on some bits there, similar to the Jotum TAG.

Another nice detail about this TAG is that it's accompanied by two Crazy Koalas; the charming little bombs-on-robot-legs in the world of Infinity. 

More than 10 years ago I did the first Crazy Koalas for my own Infinity Nomads force. One of them strikes an odd pose, which looked rather like a surfer to me, so I modelled it as standing on a little hoverboard. 

That always went over well with people who saw it, so I recycled the idea on these here, going with a pretty much 1:1 copy of the original hoverboard. Goes better with the yellow.

Here's the two together, quoting classic robots-with-rifles dialogue.

And here they are, along with the Defiance figures:


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