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Sonntag, 21. Mai 2023

Showcase: Royal Écossais


One of two French-raised regiments to partake in the Jacobite uprising of 1745 were the Royal Écossais.

Although part of the French army, only about 15% of soldiers were born French; most of the men were exiled Scots. They, along with a 'sister regiment' of Irishmen, were sent to Scotland support the Pretenders' army. The idea (in the grander context of the War of Austrian Succession) was to support the uprising in Scotland to force Britain to withdraw troops from the Netherlands to keep the Jacobites under control.

Without a British presence on the continent, the French army was able to swiftly conquer the whole of the Austrian Netherlands.

Well, that's the Écossais. A really good collection of figures there to depict the unit. As usual with units for this particular gentleman the figures are deliberately placed in a less than geometrically perfect layout, looking a bit more like a more 'organic' firing line with several different poses. Figures are all from the excellent Jacobite Uprising range by Flags of War. Lovely figures to work with. Hope you like them!

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